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name: Gaz
number: 8008
pronouns: they/them she/her
years skated: 10
teams/leagues: London Brawling
position: Offence/Pivot
likes: Ripe nectarines, sunshine, sharp tools, mates, Jacinda Ardern
dislikes: Conservative values, trash
skate set up: Riedell 495s with an extra special set back eyelet added to keep me tight. Roll Line Killer plates, Radar Presto wheels
gear of choice: S1 knee and helmet, 187 everything else.
how did you get into derby? Picked up a flyer in my home town and went along to a game. I had seen an article on derby in Vice and they made it look insane so I was expecting a bunch of psychos punching each other up (which it obviously wasn’t). I don’t remember much except an intense feeling of “I need to do this right now”.
best derby memory? I don’t really have one. I just like playing sports with my friends
what do you do other than derby? I mainly just drive my boat up and down the river, hang out with my friends and grumble about how much trash there is in London
anything else we should know? really love Aotearoa. It’s a truly excellent place and I recommend you all visit.


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