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name: Lorrage 
number: 20
pronouns: she/her
years skated: 9 whattt
teams/leagues: VRDL All Stars / Team Australia
position: blocker
likes: snacks, cats, throwing a ball, sitting on the couch, personal space
dislikes: walking, long haul flights
skate set up: solaris boot, arius plates, halos 84, greenmonster large toe stops , steals pants and top
gear of choice: S1 knee pads and helmets, 187 elbow and wrists
how did you get into derby? I was getting a piercing and my piercer asked if I could skate because her league was having a fresh meat intake. I thought I could skate (but I couldn’t) but I kept at it anyway
best derby memory? The season of 2017 with my team. It was Magic.
what do you do other than derby? Eat a lot, look after my cats and workout 🍕do captaining admin 🤓
anything else we should know? My eyebrows can’t lie
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