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name: Mange moi el cul
number: 9999
pronouns: she/her
years skated: 130
teams/leagues: Montreal roller derby, new skids
Position: Pivot
likes: Charles, Gary and Kevin (my dog, my Combi and my motorcycle)
dislikes: Snakes, all kind or snakes.
any pets: Joseph-Charles-Antoine Dicaire (9 years old rescue Pit bull)
favourite food: Meat, cheese, sugar.
how did you get into derby? A friend had won tickets to a MTLRD game, I didn't understand what she was saying or what that was, but I went with them on a Saturday night and was at practice the next Tuesday doing my minimum skills!
best derby memory? All the time we don't have morning practices or games!
what do you do other than derby? there's more to life than derby?!
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