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name: Santa Muerte
number: 111
pronouns: she/her
years skated: Fresh Meat aug 2008
teams/leagues: Toronto Roller Derby (Gore-Gore, CnPower, All Stars),Misfit Militia and Team Phillipines
position: Blocker, Offensive Guard, Pivot... occasional jammer
likes: mangos, plants, pets
dislikes: mornings
skate set up: Blue Streaks, fancy plates and fancy Bont assassin wheels...i dunno whatever Lowlife tells me to get
gear of choice: S1 helmet with a visor, 187 pads, and hockey tape
how did you get into derby? Living in Victoria i went to a game and knew i could fuck with this kinda crazy
best derby memory? last jam at World cup, getting lead jammer and skating to my Filipina family
what do you do other than derby? transform my room into a garden oasis
anything else we should know? Mange loves me SOOO MUCH Also  I have a degree in Physics that i basically use to break down derby skills



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