Full Ceramic Skate Bearings

by 8 Lives

8 Lives Ceramics are high-speed skate bearings that are made to give you the smooth speed you need to ride faster and longer. Made of high-quality chrome steel these bearings have ceramic balls that blast dirt and crap out of the bearings as you ride. And best of all, they won't rust, which means longer-lasting bearings.

Durable, lighter, stronger, and faster than your regular steel bearings. Each package contains 8 bearings and 4 spacers in a beautifully designed reusable tin case, pre-lubed and ready to roll!

High-quality ceramic bearings at an affordable price.

Size: 8mm
Outer & Inner Ring: Quality chrome steel
Balls: Precision white ceramic balls
Cage/Retainer: Nylon
Seals/Shields: 1 rubber shield
Lubrication: Speed cream
Structure: Deep groove ball bearing

Each package 8pc per set. You'll need to purchase 2 sets for quad skates.