service list

Vinyl printing

Names, number, logos, uniforms, custom helmet sticker, custom anything stickers

Private or group Skating lessons (lowlife skate crew members)

Beginners - learning the basics
Intermediate and advanced - Roller derby, Ramp skating, etc

Team/League Coaching (lowlife skate crew members)

Beginners - learning the basics (min reqs)
Intermediate and advanced - Roller derby

Pop up shops 

Games, events and tournaments

Skate building, plate mounting and other maintenance

    5$  -  bearings install
    5$  -  wheels install
    5$  -  cushions install
    5$  -  toe guards install
    5$  -  toe stops install
    5$  -  nuts install 
  40$  -  plate mounting (new components)
  50$  -   plate mounting (used components)
  60$  -  Vans shoes mounting 
  10$  -  plate dismount
Other services available upon request.


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