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Chloe Seyres aka Kozmic Skater FR/EN


Instagram: @kozmicskater

> Rollerdancer over here < Blowing my 20th candle of skate love this year!! Skating is definitively the longest passion in my life, and I’m so grateful to be hooked on this great means of expression and freedom!

I really got bitten by the rolling bug when I discovered inline freestyle slalom (after a couple of years of ramp skating). A revelation! For 10 years, I traveled the world for competitions and demos, met amazing people, gained a lot of experience, and won a few titles too – including 4 world titles, in classic, battle and speed slalom. Favourite training spot? The Invalides, in Paris. I also became an international slalom judge and coached freestyle in parallel. I was even a skating reporter, writing reviews of the events I was going to for skating news websites!
After a decade of that, I needed to rekindle the flame. I switched from inline to quad skates for new sensations, and fell into the wonderful world of roller derby, at the very beginning of the sport in France. Team spirit, contact and performance: a new and exciting way of looking at skating! I jammed for various teams in Paris, Berlin, Bordeaux and Montreal, as well as for Team France, and coached agility classes and workshops for six years… before going back to my first love (missed it too much): freestyling and ROLLERDANCING. This time, on quads. I love geeking on technical moves and flow, creating combos, enjoying the music, sharing tricks and ideas, and feeling the asphalt scratching under my wheels.


Irina Löfdahl aka Dua Flip (FR/EN)


Ever wanted to learn how to ride a ramp, slide rails or even throw flips with your skates on? Whether it’s in the streets or at the skatepark, my lessons will teach you how to shred HARD.

After inline skating during my teenage years, I gave quads a try in the summer of 2021 and was instantly hooked. One year later, after being entirely self-taught, I am participating in my first Advanced category competition.

During these classes I will be teaching beginner and intermediate tricks and techniques by deconstructing each movement and giving you live feedback. I will also try to provide key know-hows that will make you a better skater such as getting over fear and knowing your limits.

For more information on group class schedule or to book a private lesson visit my instagram or shoot me an email!


Rosa Shin-Yin aka Tiny Fury FR/EN 


Instagram: @TinyFury888

I learned skating through roller derby and have been skating for over 6 years. Throughout my derby career, I coached adults and juniors from basic skills to advanced skating techniques. I focus on teaching the proper skating techniques so beginners have a good foundation and develop good habits. My hope is that my lessons can help people gain confidence to start doing roller dance, skate parks, and street skating. 


Danielle Senecal FR/EN


FB Messenger: Danielle Senecal

Style de Dance sur patin New-yorkais .

J’ai fait du freestyle pendants 10 ans et ils y’a 20 ans j’ai fait un voyage à NY et j’ai découvert les Central Park Dance skaters, et j’ai tomber en amour avec cette dance. J’ai fait la navette pour un and prendre à danser. Depuis j’ai continué à prendre des cours et d’enseigner. 


Jaimpaca Dutout aka Deluxe Roller Daddy. Philippe V FR/EN

text msg - 514-570-1861

FB Messenger: Jaimpaca Dutout

Je donne des cours aux débutant(e)s depuis des années. Je donne aussi des cours de Roller Dance tout les Mercredis et Dimanches.

Presentment j’enseigne la danse sur patin. Notre pas de base et Roll bounce qui nous permet de déposer notre pieds sur le beat en tournant et en faisant les jeu de pieds, ceci nous permets de danser seule, en couple, trio et train.



Santa Muerte 

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FB Messenger: Santa Muerte

My name is Krizsanta (Santa Muerte is my roller derby persona). I have been on skates since the age of 5, roller skates for 12 years, and training any level of roller skater for 10 years. I have played at the highest level of International WFTDA Roller Derby (with Toronto Roller Derby; Misfit Militia; Buffalo Queen City Roller Derby) and proud to have competed in the World Cup of Roller Derby with Team Philippines and am grateful to be a part of the Lowlife MTL skate crew and have their support.

Through my derby career I realized I love breaking down complicated movements into skills that accelerates progress. In all honesty, this is not because I am a gifted athlete, but am stubborn and have worked hard to overcome all my mistakes and failings .... to which there were plenty. From said failings/triumphs, I have created Roller Derby programs and drills that develop the skating foundations to equip a beginner to play the most technical and physically demanding sport I have ever played. I have had the pleasure of internationally teaching roller skating: indoors/outdoors, all levels of skills, youths as young as 4 while accommodating injuries. I specialize in adapting my teaching to try and complement any capability or way of understand concepts. I enjoy exploring weird analogies and talking about the magic of physics to make difficult concepts accessible.

Roller skating is crazy fun, but difficult. My priority is to make you good skater, with the foundations to follow instructional roller skating videos, and mostly do so safely. Skating outdoors is quite different than indoors (or on any consistently smooth outdoor surface). I have 11 years’ experience skating outdoors and will focus on these skills and reference the difference to other surfaces.

Each level is designed to progressively build your understanding the foundations to get familiar with your new quad-skate-BF. Foundations will allow you to build your style of skating by controlling your edges, weight transfer, stance dampening, skate maintenance.