Pro Fit Leather Toe Caps

by Riedell
color - black

The lovechild of our popular Toe Caps and Toe Guards, the new Riedell Pro Fit Toe Caps are the perfect combination of toe and lace protection to keep your skates looking like new no matter what surface you skate on. The Pro-Fit Toe Cap is crafted from top-quality hand-sorted leather. The Pro-Fit Toe Cap attaches at the toe stop, extends around the toe of the boot, and finishes about halfway up the laces. Laces are fed through the top of the Pro-Fit Toe Cap to create a secure and ultra-protective fit.

The Pro-Fit Toe Caps come in one standard size that fits all Riedell boots. Sold in pairs.


  • Made from full-grain leather
  • Covers entire toe and bottom half of laces for maximum scuff protection