Huck Truck 2.5

color - silver

Designed in Long Beach, Made in USA
Low 2.5” trucks with a 5.75” axle 

How are Huck Trucks different than the rest? THEY SIT LOWER to the ground yet still clear the kingpin!

  • Low profile design for more stable skating
  • Compatible with 10' plates (Avanti, etc)
  • kingpin clearance on all 10' plates (except Sunlite and Thrust)
  • Accommodates both roller skate and skateboard wheels
  • Weight is 5 ounces per truck
  • Made of prime-grade virgin alloy
  • Available in SILVER
  • Comes with pivot cups
  • Set of 4 trucks

Huck Skate Supply is a new roller skate gear brand run by Nick the Medic based out of Long Beach, California. These trucks were a product of high consumer demand for trucks designed for roller skates that do what roller skaters want them to do.