Moxi Lolly - BOOT ONLY

by Moxi
color - lilac

New 2021 Model!

Suede high-top roller skates boot can be used for indoor or outdoor skating. Moxi Lolly skate boot is a mid-range lifestyle skate boot, designed for recreation and street skating. The soft leather boot breaks in quickly with minimal discomfort and forms to your foot more than less expensive synthetic skate boots.

2021 Model Features:

  • Newly-developed suede uppers
    • Struck-through suede (dyed completely through the hide) improves color fidelity over the life of the product
    • Improved color vibrancy
    • Slight increase in thickness for more support
    • More consistent suede texture

    Note about our leather:
    The leather used in our roller skate boots is real, genuine bovine cowhide that is hand sorted and inspected for quality by eye and feel before we purchase and also before we cut it. The hair on the hide varies in coarseness making the texture of the leather vary slightly. When the hide is then cut into pieces, the variations become more obvious after being sewn together. This will not change the functionality or feel of your skating experience.

    This is not an in-stock item. The current wait time is 12 weeks or less.